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UV Cloud®

UV Cloud® provides annuity, life, and retirement providers one platform that automates pricing and trading, eliminating cumbersome manual processes. It enables effective management of fund values, trade processing, asset reconciliation, overall management of unit values, and separate account assets for a broad range of variable products.

Automate Unit Value Pricing and Trading with UV Cloud®

UV Cloud® enables a speedy, automated unit value pricing and trading process, helping variable product providers execute trades accurately and on time - helping to reduce the cost of their middle-to-back office function and retain more revenue.

  • Automate workstreams, and enable transparent handoffs at every step of the process
  • Easily add new investment options to separate accounts and variable products
  • Reduce overall operational costs and eliminate costly reputational-harming gain/loss issues
  • Gather insights from UV Cloud's strong reporting and data analytics capabilities

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